The Methods to Make Safe Tattoo Ink


During the tattoo process, the tattoo ink will be injected into your skin to create some certain designs, then you can understand how important role does the tattoo ink plays in the whole process. Faced with a large variety of tattoo inks, you may find it is more and more difficult to make a choice. Then, have you ever think of making your own tattoo inks from some household products? Which will help you save a lot money and make the tattoo less dangerous for you, does it spark any ideas?

The first thing you need to make your own tattoo ink is the graphite powder. Crack two pencil open and take the graphite out from the wood. Then crush the graphite with a hammer or something hard until it get to entirely powder, which will spend you around 20 minutes to crush all the graphite into powder. At the same time, you are advised to crush the graphite on sanitary wax paper, otherwise the powder will be easily to get up. After the first step, you should apply a small amount of shampoo to the powder and mix them together. You would better choose a baby shampoo since it is very low in the chemicals and very gentle to your skin, which will be more beneficial to your health. The mixture should be carefully made and can not be too thick or too runny to make sure the tattoo ink is bright enough. If you think the mixture is too think, then some graphite powder should be added into. While too thick, you can just add some shampoo into. A too runny mixture will make the tattoo ink can not remain on the tattoo needles until it get into the skin. Then if you are lucky enough to get the proper mixture easily, you should preserve them in the clean sanitary container lid. Then what you need do is just repeat these steps to get more inks prepared. Never use lead pencil. Always bear this point in your mind since the lead is poisoning.

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