How to Mix Tattoo ink


Many people choose tattoo as an effective method to express themselves. A tattoo on your body may represent you are unique, you are different from the other people. At the same time, more and more people focus on the designs that they will print them on the body and give some advice to the tattoo artist. During the process of tattoo, the tattoo inks really play an important role to create all kinds of images. If you are interested in tattooing and want your tattoo a unique one, you can not only give some advice on the shape of a image, but also get unique tattoo ink by mixing two different inks together. Here comes some suggestions to help you mix tattoo ink.

Before you start, you would better put a paper mask on your face to ensure there is no damaging fumes can enter your mouth. Different kinds tattoo ink will be put and mixed together and it is likely to create some chemical change, so the step is necessary. At the same time, wear rubber gloves throughout the process to protect your skin. After these prepare works, you can start to create unique tattoo ink. Firstly, mix 7/8 quart of vodka, 1 tablespoon propylene glycol and 1 tablespoon glycerin together in a bowl and repeat the step until the liquid is clear. Next, Scoop one to two inches of powdered pigment into the blender. The amount of the pigment powder should be decided by the size of your tattoo image. Make sure you have got enough powder, then add some vodka mixture into the blender and blend on a light speed for 10 to 15 minutes. Next, Increase the blending speed to a medium level and continue blending for 1 hour. In this process, you should remember to take a short break from blending every 15 minutes. Finally, Use a baster to remove ink from the blender and put it into the ink bottles and store the ink away in a cool, dark place until it is ready to be used.

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