How to Make a Fake Tattoo


The tattoo has been existing for centuries and are gaining more and more popularity in recent years. The tattoo actually is a kind of body art, tattoo artists perform the images on people’s skin with some tattoo equipments. At the same time, the tattoo needles will inject into your skin to create images and this mark will company you lifetime. Some people tattoo when they are young and feel regret when they grow old. Although the tattoo is removal but the process is very expensive while not so successful. Due to the different reasons, a temporary tattoo will be very helpful.

Rather than the permanent tattoo, a fake tattoo ( or say a temporary tattoo) will only remain for some days and then fade away, which can easily meet the young’s curiosity while the risk is not so big. The temporary tattoo is also a good choice for the adults who is working at a company. As we all know, many companies have the ban on the tattoo, then a permanent tattoo will be the obstacle for your career development. Then a fake tattoo will be your choice.

Now, I think you will have the interest to know more about a fake tattoo. Then several steps will be listed to give you some method to create a temporary tattoo for yourself. First of all, you should choose the image that you want to tattoo. It is very simple and you can find different kinds of tattoo designs on the internet, but if you are really a novice, the white-and-black line image is suitable for you. Then you need a pencil, which is used as the tattoo ink in the real tattoo process. Use this pencil to trace the outline. Then apply the deodorant to your skin, then press firmly to transfer the entire image to your skin. Finally, peel the paper carefully then the roughly image is completed. Some alcohol are finally used to spray over the tattoo to make the image more vibrant. At the end of the passage I want to stress that the it is good to do a self-tattoo, but never tattoo on the broken skin.

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