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Spektra Halo Rotary Tattoo Machine

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Notice: This Spektra Halo Rotary Tattoo Machine we need about 2-4 days to handle. If you couldn't wait, please do not place order. We appreciate your understanding.

The Spektra Halo is the newest addition to Gaston Siciliano’s revolutionary tattoo machines that has been over 2 years in research and development. The Spektra Halo features a fully autoclavable body made of featherlight aluminum. These innovative machines also feature a detachable MotorBolt system that allows the user to utilize the 1/4 turn lock system to easily swap between and power each machine in their arsenal. With a fully adjustable give system, the Spektra has the light weight and silence of a standard rotary machine while providing the artist with the power and reliability of a coil machine pushing all types of needle configurations (tested with up to a 50 magnum.)
This is the Spektra Halo in Black, All Spektra Halos weigh only 2.5 Oz (71g).
The Machine Body, MotorBolt, Knobs and Guillotine Vise are CNC rafted out of 7075 T6 Aircraft aluminum, one of the hardest grades available. All hardware components are Stainless Steel made.
The "Slider" which encapsulates the give system and holds the armature pin is made out of Delrin, which is an acetal that contains Teflon in its composition delivering a low friction displacement of the part.
The Slider houses a pressure fitted stainless steel Armature Pin to ensure durability of that particular area.
The main feature that sets this machine apart is that MachineBody can be autoclaved without the need of disassembling the machine. Simply release MotorBolt with a 1/4 turn and both parts are disconnected (the MotorBolt is not autoclavable but it has been designed to be bagged along with clip cord sleeve and can be wiped with your preferred sanitizer). Even after autoclaving, the machine does not require re- lubrication, thanks to the high-temperature, non-toxic PTFE Synthetic Grease that the Spektra Halo uses to lubricate all internal movable parts.
All Spektra Halos come with a Medium Stroke (3.5mm) as standard. Optional Motor Bolts with a 2.5mm and 4mm stroke are also available.
The Spektra Halo has interchangeable motor system that can be swapped between MachinesBodies with ease. As such multiple Spektra Halos, can be powered with the same Motor, simply remove the motor and place it in the different machine body.
 Maintenance Free:
The Halo is virtually maintenance free machine. You would only need to lubricate the slider from time to time (lubricant grease pack is also provided with every Machine Body purchase) since an internal self-lubrication system ensures that no grease is poured out rather it is retained for long periods of time.
The disassembling/ assembling system does not require tools. To strip the machine apart takes only 5 seconds. Simply release the Motor Bolt, untwist and pull out the "Give Knob" located in the back of the machine, pull up armature and lastly, the Slider.
The overall engineering allowed us to create a machine that has full adjustability with the least amount of parts, making this machine very user friendly and indestructible.

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