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Professional tattoo makeup machine kit DSH-0091

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1: Professional ​​tattoo makeup machine
2: Power supply.
3, a battery box seat.
4: tattoo needle *7.  Tips * 5
5: pigment ring* 2.
6: box.
7. Original tattoo makeup pigment 2 bottles (black, brown)
8. The lubricating oil bottle machine maintenance
9. Clean sponge
10. The clip a needle.
11. Equipped with a needle guard.
12. Description

1. Using stepless
2. You can call up in the body with a needle length
3. imported wear resistant material Built
4. Sound Little Flying
5. Use common 0.3MM, 0.35MM diameter tattoo needle
Imported special machinery advanced tattoo Wenxiu fast speed, low noise, stable. A few years are not bad. You can do a small area of ​​tattoos and machines to do the eyebrows and drift lip, one of three multi-purpose machine. 42,000 rpm, is not easy to hot, no electricity or can carry out, too convenient. Tattoo machine, attractive appearance, superior quality, lightweight, wear-resistant, fast, stable frequency. This unique machine at adjusting the needle length beyond the traditional, ordinary machines can only adjust the length of the needle by needle cap, and this is on top of the machine to adjust the length of the needle, just in the black part of the rotation can be adjusted freely.
According to the different parts of the tattoo, requiring speed and intensity are different, the speed also can be freely adjusted,
Suitable for tattoo, eye liner, floating lips, tattoos and other decorations

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