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Makeup Pen Machine

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Color: red Latest eyebrow tattoo machine, elegant appearance, superior quality, light, wear resistance, speed, frequency stability. Operation more convenient, more economical, more strong motor, power, and the needle is smooth, color fast, can be a tattoo. Switch is hidden in the tail, ultra-quiet Settings make customers more comfortable, not simply dont know in the boot on the ear. Speed: the speed of the machine strong, truly, truly, up to 35000 RPM, can achieve tattoo operation requirements. The use of the machine speed and strength can adjust freely by grain division, operation can control at will. Machine advantages: adopt imported from German movement system (ultra-quiet design) machine in the work of the subwoofer, color fast, can reduce customers tension and pain. Let the decorative work more convenient and quick. Intelligent three file manipulation, eyebrows, eyes, lips and tattoo multi-usage, ergonomic body weight ratio design, compact and handy operation. Super quiescent durable, elegant appearance, strong power, embroidered 5 times faster than the average. More convenient straight pin (0.25, 0.3, 0.35. Wenxiu needle all no problem), exclusive oblique pin type operation easy coloring, ac-dc more convenient operation.

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