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DSH High quality Tattoo Makeup liquid pigment 16 color

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Eyebrow lip liner color material

Product capacity: 10 ml

Plant color milk safety, no toxin and stability; More exquisite and smooth, color saturation is extremely strong, the effect is natural, vivid. From the phenomenon, paste sticky, easy to color; Can prevent waste their factor Titaniumdioxide, uv discoloration caused by down to a minimum.
Method of use: gently shaking when using all, take a suitable amount of pigment in an empty box, use shuttle embroidery needle with a little ink.
Brow: plant pigment, molecular weight is small, permeability is strong, easy colored, shading effect, natural luster.
According to the following color chromaticity depth sorting:
Black: cool color to move, applicable to the Black color embroidery embellish eyeliner, eyelashes toning, special noble and mysterious Black eyeliner unique temperament, suitable for skin slants cold or dark yellow hard thick eyebrows.
Light Coffee: warm color department, apply to the young, white skin, can deepen our Coffee.
Deep Coffee: cool color to move, suitable for neutral character, eyebrows, Deep Coffee color, the commonly used color.
Grey Coffee: suitable for warm color department, normal skin, a little white hair, Huang Fazhe, don't like dark.
Yellow Coffee: suitable for changing color, adjustable light red eyebrow prevention in pigment red eyebrow.
Beige: belong to no color, used to adjust the depth of the other colors, applicable to the brow, lip cover, it has better effect to use according to the color matching of yellow, white.
Brown Coffee: charming in golden Brown is handsome and lively, suitable for skin thin yellow or white inside deeply red, pale eyebrows weak are women
To choose, can also be combined with the Asian light black used for color eyeliner eyelashes.
White: belong to no color, used to adjust the depth of the other colors, is suitable for the cover, also can be used in the part of the color palette.
Lips: enrichment of water-based ink, color easily, plant pigment, security, the lips brightness is good, have stereo feeling, make the lips plump plump.
Deep Red: is golden roses are Red, Red Red, China is Red)
Bright Red, pale Red but with a little pink, suitable for young people use, skin white.
Special color purple Red, lip line.
Orange, Orange is slightly red dot, in turn black lips, allocate other to add bright colors in tender degrees (slant Orange colored pale red, white skin, young man, mild slant
Orange, can be used alone, light dark lip).
Strawberry Red: between Red and brilliant Red, light pink, can be used alone.
Wine Red, a bit deep pink, suitable for lip liner.
Pink, Red, Pink color mixing, young like Pink, single use effect is quite good.
Rose Red, color mixing deep Red color, suitable for like noble Red lip, color mixing.

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